Is it time to Invest in the leading Business Call Recording & Call Management System?

Birmingham Telecom can offer your business a fully integrated Call Recording & Call Management Solution that is proven to improve business efficiencies and deliver a return on your communications investment.

You will gain the ability to monitor inbound and outbound calls to make informed decisions on system, department and user call activity and deliver a more effective service to your customers whilst recording important telephone calls directly to our system.

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Visualise, analyse, extract and manipulate call data using our Call Reporting Software

Is your company looking for a solution that enables you to manage, control and analyse communications to and from your business? Our business call management software provides exactly that and much more!

Our software allows your business to Manage, analyse and control communications with the comprehensive and easy to use call logging and call reporting software.

The software integrates fully with your business telephone system to deliver call reporting, call logging, visual wallboards and intuitive dashboards where required and is a feature-rich call reporting solution that empowers users.

Call Traffic Analysis

Identify unanswered calls

Control communications capacity & traffic flows

Optimise staffing levels and efficiencys

Design staff shift patterns around call volume

Call Cost Control

Verify call costs

Run call reports or set threshold alerts

Generate revenue through call cost mark-up

Deliver organisational, extension and client billing

Call Data Display

Display information that matters

Run call reports and customise using filters

Add bespoke visual dashboards

Share data between senior staff members

Birmingham Telecom are able to supply and install our fully integrated premise-based call recording software with extensive functionality, suitable for any business with unlimited sites and on analogue, isdn or sip telephone lines.

Contained and managed from a single work station or server, call recording, storing, finding, playback and archiving of calls is just a click away. We can provide simple USB-based client/server call recording solutions, hosted call recording, web-based solutions or full turn-key systems that will record tens of thousands of calls per day across multiple sites.

Call recording is ideal for service driven businesses with a strong focus on customer service, training, support and/or sales. In particular, there are clear advantages for legal firms, insurance companies, call centres, public agencies, health centres, doctors surgeries and any FCA regulated company that is legally bound to record calls.

Monitor quality and performance – Monitor call quality and staff performance to improve company standards and customer care

Manage your Staff – Train staff on call handling techniques and customer interactions to improve performance whilst protecting them from abuse

Increase Sales – Resolve “who said what” disputes by confirming details from a call such as quantities / specifications of an order, protecting both your business and your staff from disputes

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