Let the Experts Handle your Business Mobile

Discover the right network, airtime plan and smartphone solution to make your mobile working faster, smarter and more cost effective for your business.

Birmingham Telecom will guide you through the latest offers from O2, Vodafone and EE, make all the options clear and take the headache out of finding the best suitable business mobile contract for your company.  We analyse your existing mobile bills to recommend a tariff that will save you money whilst also offering the latest smartphone handsets and checking the network coverage in your area is suitable.

Why Choose Us?

  • Flexible Contracts suitable for all Businesses
  • Knowledgeable and easy to work with
  • Full cost comparison against your existing mobile tariff
  • Guaranteed cost savings on all networks
  • Access to the latest smartphone technology
  • Dedicated account management for all customers

Apple offer the latest Iphone handsets, our number one selling smartphone device which we connect to over 50% of our business mobile customers

Samsung Android smartphones are easy to use, have amazing functionality and boast the best camera quality available on the market today.

HTC offers everything from affordable smartphones to flagship devices with impressive features and amazing quality.

O2 offers very good coverage across most UK locations.  We sell O2 via our Plan.com portal which offers amazing management of your connections.

EE is the best choice when the customer is reliant on UK 4G Data.  EE has the fastest data speeds and a good solid network behind the scenes.

Vodafone is extremely strong when a customer is look for a SIM Only option.  Vodafone packages are cheap and the service is excellent across Europe.

Get a Bespoke Quotation for your Business Mobiles

Our business mobile broadband plans put you in control.  With a choice of price plans from O2, Vodafone and EE we can guarantee that whilst business productivity can will rise dramatically, your mobile broadband bill will not.

For businesses that demand the fastest mobile broadband speeds, our 4G network offering delivers mobile broadband speeds up to 60MB per second

  • Mobile Broadband from o2, Vodafone & EE
  • Large range of Bundles available
  • The highest possible speeds
  • Solutions tailored to your requirements
  • State of the art equipment

Whether your company is small with just a few connections, or a large business where hundreds of people need to be connected, we offer an excellent service that is backed by years of expertise.

We have been specialising in business to business mobile communications since 2006 and have consistently delivered outstanding quality and value to our customers. A dedicated account manager will always make sure that you have the most appropriate devices and applications to help your business be the best it can through increasing efficiency, productivity and profits with cost effective business mobile solutions.

When you choose Birmingham Telecom to manage your business mobiles, you can be sure that you will always be speaking to someone who understands your needs inside and out.

Birmingham Telecom

Birmingham Telecom