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UC Cloud is our business grade hosted telephone system offering tons of features and inclusive UK Local, UK National and UK Mobile Calls for an affordable, fixed monthly rental.

A cloud hosted telephone system will allow your business to access great features and provides exceptional functionality with no upfront expenditure.

  • Fixed Cost Per User / Per Month
  • Feature Rich and Easy to Use
  • Easy to Expand and Relocate
  • No Maintenance Costs
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Explore our range of Panasonic telephone systems which can be used with analogue, ISDN 2e, ISDN 30e or SIP Telephone Lines.  When used with SIP telephone lines, an on-site telephone system will typically be the most cost effective way to get connected.

We offer a large choice of handsets, applications and options where our Panasonic telephone systems are designed to meet the demands of any business.

  • Cost effective long term
  • Very reliable
  • Does not rely on internet connectivity
  • SIP telephone lines include free UK calls

Our SIP telephone lines will connect your business to our nationwide network and provide a more flexible and lower cost alternative than traditional ISDN or analogue telephone lines when used for receiving inbound or when making outbound voice calls.

With BT announcing the retirement of the ISDN 2e digital network in 2025, SIP telephone lines are set to take over the business market and offer your business the most cost effective and flexible alternative to ISDN.

  • Much cheaper line rental costs
  • Inclusive UK local, national and mobile calls
  • Dedicated UK based support
  • Transparent monthly billing

Being able to access reliable and fast business broadband is vital to any business in an ever evolving world where almost everything relies on being connected back to the internet.

At Birmingham Telecom we understand how important internet connectivity is to your business and that any loss in connection can have a massive impact on your organisation.

  • Affordable internet connectivity services
  • Unlimited downloads and un-metered speeds
  • UK based technical support
  • A full range of high end business routers

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