Discover Go Connect Desktop Integration Software

Go Connect provides multiple software applications that once you start using, you wont be able to live without.   It’s integrated address book, desktop dialing, CRM integration and Instant Messaging App make Go Connect one of the most popular software applications used in the UK and will help your business save time and money.

Go Connect is instantly accessible and also supports full CRM integration which will allow you pop client records automatically and dial directly from your CRM application.

  • Amazing Features for an Unbeatable Price
  • Integrated Company Address Book
  • Click to Dial and Clipboard Dialing
  • Instant Messaging Facility between Staff
  • View your Entire Call History
  • Shows the status of your Staff via Presence

Integrated Address Book

Search & Dial any customer or supplier from Go Connect without lifting up the handset or manually searching for a number.

Web Page Dialing

Web pages are scanned for valid telephone numbers and when found, they are turned into hyperlinks to make dialing easy

Call History Application

Call History contains a list of an users recent incoming or outbound calls which can then be dialled from the application.

The Address Book provides an easy way to create and share contacts with colleagues. Users can search for existing contacts or create new ones easily while on the telephone. The Address book is extended to include CRM contacts when integration is used.

  • Comprehensive Company Wide Address Book
  • Search for Contacts Quickly from your PC Desktop
  • Add Contacts Easily whilst on the phone to them
  • Identify contacts easily when call is received
  • Any contacts stored can be seen by all users

Go Connect CRM supports two separate ways of dialing from web pages. Web pages can be scanned for valid telephone numbers and, when found, they are turned into hyperlinks to make dialing easy. You can also highlight and copy a telephone number which creates a “click to dial” box which can then be activated using your computer mouse.

  • Dial directly through web pages (customer websites etc)
  • Dial directly through your CRM Application
  • Copy a Telephone Number and use “click to dial”
  • Saves time and money when use effectively

The Call History window contains a list of an extension user’s recent calls. By default, the most recent 50 calls are displayed but this can be expanded.

Users can page through the Call History to see earlier calls to find lost calls easily and efficiently without asking the system administrator for help. Users can also make calls directly from the Call History window for ease.

  • View lost calls by number, name date, time or duration
  • Filter calls by Call Direction,Type, Time or Duration
  • Call contacts back directly from the Call History Screen
  • Never lose an important call again
  • Check whether you have important but unanswered calls

Go Connect makes it easy to send messages to your colleagues. It’s even possible to have multiple chats with one conversation per window, or to include multiple users and or extensions in the same conversation. Messages are threaded, meaning previous messages in the conversation are displayed. It is also possible to send and open hyperlinks (web page links).

  • Chat with other Telephone System Users
  • Search previous chats with the built in search function
  • Supports Group messaging for multiple recipients
  • Faster than using email for chats with multiple colleagues
  • Saves Time & Money

Go Connect 5 UserOne off Cost£250

  • 5 User License
  • Full Desktop Integration
  • Integrated Address Book
  • Full Call History
  • Dial from Google
  • Instant Messaging
  • Real Time Presence
  • Amazing Value
  • Includes Installation

Go Connection 20 UserOne off Cost£695

  • 20 User License
  • Full Desktop Integration
  • Integrated Address Book
  • Full Call History
  • Dial from Google
  • Instant Messaging
  • Real Time Presence
  • Amazing Value
  • Includes Installation

I would like to give my deepest gratitude for helping us out. Hope you still continue giving your excellent service. Thank you and more power!

Ho Kam Chuen

We wouldn’t have been able to achieve any of this without everyone’s help and willingness to get us sorted. Would you please pass on our thanks to your team and we look forward to doing continued business with you in the future.

Ruth Woodward

I would like to commend Lee for the excellent customer service and backup he provided in the installation and configuration of the units we bought. The level of service I have received from Birmingham Telecom has been exemplary.

Neil Gibbons
IT | eCommerce | eMarketing Officer / Grasmere Gingerbread

I would like to thank you for an excellent service and product, I was a bit skeptical about Grade A Refurbished Products when I was first introduced to your company, but after you convinved me to look at them I discovered that the product although not new was almost as good as new, I have installed the phones onto our existing Nortel System and with the help of your friendly and informed Technical Support it was easy. I will certainly be referring your company to my business contacts in the future.

Chris Flavelle
Technical Support Engineer / TeleEye

I would like to say a big thank you for all your help and going the extra mile. It seems the company have a great customer service attitude and I would recommend you any time! Thanks again, another satisfied customer.

Julie Goodman-Brown
Finance/Office Manager / 2Degrees Network

Just want to say a huge thanks for repairing my BT phone system. Lee was just excellent. He knew exactly what he was talking about. The way he talked me through the repair was as if he could repair one of these systems blindfolded which is quite handy as my technical ability goes as far as wiring a plug.

Nick Gentleman
Owner / Tontine Hotel

Can you please pass on my total satisfaction for the Yealink Telephones that I received from you. Their condition for Refurbished Phones are pristine. The attention to the final detail makes these phones look brand new! Quality defined.

Mark Cooper
IT Administrator / Edwards Coaches

I’ve just realised we brought our old phone system from you, small world. You won’t believe the hassle I’ve had trying to get these headsets working. I’ve spoken to 5 companies including Plantronics and Mitel and brought all kinds of adapters and nothing worked, I honestly can’t thank you enough for your professional and honest advice!!

Jamie Griffin

I just wanted to report that we now have three very happy ladies in the office! Everything now works perfectly and they are pleased that they will be able to multi task better (Answer the phone, drink tea and eat cake at the same time!)

Mary Owen
Senior Technician / Cleapss

I just wanted to say that the recent support I have received has been amazing as usual. Dan is always brilliant of course.  I just wanted to let you know how appreciative I am.  People are always quick to complain when things go wrong but I believe a company is judged on how they deal with these issues and you get top marks yet again. I know I am probably your most demanding customer… Yes you can say it… Just a big thank you to you all at Birmingham Telecom for the continued support. You are by far the best in your field. Thanks again

Chris Wright
Office Manager / Silven Recruitement

Just wanted to follow up and thank you and Stuart for helping get the new Telephone System Installed.  Stu really took time to train on the new features and revise some older ones.  Good to know that we can count on you and your staff Brian.

Joshua Sutton
Manager / OLR Retail

We have been using Birmingham Telecom for many years and have had nothing but first class service and would recommend Brian, Dan and the rest of the team to anyone. They are knowledgeable in the solutions they offer, are happy to support us in any way we require and have provided us with on demand technical assistance on many occasions. They are prompt at visiting our site when any technical issues arise with the hardware – this has been exceptionally rare i must add. If anything has gone wrong with the hardware we have installed they resolve quickly. We have found their pricing to be competitive all round, whether it is lines and minutes or telecoms equipment to use internally. Overall I am deeply grateful for the personalised service Brian and the team offer and highly recommend Birmingham Telecom. They have certainly made my job a lot easier.

Stuart Hall
Sales & Marketing Director / Intec Micro Systems
Birmingham Telecom

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