Birmingham Telecom have been installing telephone systems for schools since 2006.  We are passionate about supplying the best telephone systems for education establishments and focus on keeping your costs as low as possible to meet budgets you may have in place.

We have an excellent team of technical staff who ensure the deployment telephone system is impeccable. The knowledge and experience we have developed to provide trouble free installations, reliability and professional support is absolutely essential.  When it comes to finding the most suitable school phone system, get in touch so we can help you choose the right suitable telephone system.

  • Upgrade your school telephone system from £40 per month
  • A local, experienced engineering team
  • Easy to use systems which are flexible and scalable
  • Extremely reliable, feature rich and cost effective

Included with all School Telephone Systems

Birmingham Telecom love working with local schools and have already built strong relationships with over 50 schools, colleges and academies in our local area.  We understand what it takes to deliver the perfect telephone system solution for your school and aim to ensure every single detail is taken care of when you choose to work with us.

Our Telephone Systems for Schools now include advanced features that have become essential to schools such as voicemail and automated attendant.  We also include installation free of charge and cover the cost of your first years support and maintenance.

FREE Installation & Configuration

Installation of your Telephone System is typically the most important aspect of the project as it will determine the way the system will function in the future.  Birmingham Telecom cover the full cost of your School Telephone System Installation using our own fully accredited engineers who have been in the business for a number of years.

Our FREE installation offer typically saves the school between £500 and £1000 on installation depending on the number of handsets and features required.

Free Maintenance & Support

Telephone System Maintenance is another important aspect of your project and is normally essential to maintain the smooth operation of your equipment.  A system that is professional maintained lasts longer and hence you get a much better return on your investment.

Birmingham Telecom cover the cost of the first year maintenance for all schools within the midlands area, adding yet more value to our already affordable School Telephone Systems.  Ask our team for further details.

FREE Voicemail and Automated Attendant

Most Schools receive a fair number of calls and therefore call routing and professional voicemail facilities are both essential features needed for most School Telephone Systems we install.

Voicemail and Automated Attendant are just two of the features we always include as standard when you purchase any School Telephone System from Birmingham Telecom.

FREE UK Local, National and Mobile Calls

With the announcement that BT are phasing out the traditional ISDN network by 2025, Birmingham Telecom are offering SIP Telephone Lines along with inclusive UK Local, National and Mobile Calls for the entire duration of your contract with us.

SIP is the future and even if you are unable to take advantage of this technology right now, you can be rest assured that any School Telephone System we install for you will be fully compatible and ready for the switch to SIP.

FREE Site Visit, Survey and Advice

When you get in touch with us, we will offer you honest, straightforward and FREE advice guaranteed.  If you would like us to take a look at your existing School Telephone System then we will be pleased to visit your premises free of charge and put together a detailed proposal of the best overall solution for your school or academy.

Excellent Service Levels

One thing we know is that your school deserves good service! The customer service levels your school receives are extremely important and this is something we really care about. We are experts in providing excellent value for money and we guarantee an excellent return on investment when you choose to work with us.

Whether you are using a leased line service to connect teachers or students to the internet, a hosted telephony product or a cloud based application, we can provide a high-quality, scalable and  managed service. The combination of our reliable network and our UK-based support team puts you in control of the connectivity needs of your school or academy.

An ethernet leased line is ideal when you need a connection to run mission critical applications where it also meets the demands for increased bandwidth in the future meaning it is ideal for longer term deployment of projects.

If your school is looking for a Fast, reliable replacement service for legacy connections like SDSL, Bonded xDSL or EFM then a leased line could be the solution. Purchasing an end-to-end service from a single, trusted supplier such as Birmingham Telecom means problems are fixed quickly and efficiently and with the inclusion of a high end, managed cisco router means you can be assured of the best service levels and product quality.

business phone systems

Call Recording for Schools has been well publicised recently and is a tool that every School should be using.  Call recording is simple to use and can help with everything from resolving disputes, addressing safeguarding concerns to tackling pupil absenteeism. This keeps the parents on side and increases school operational efficiency.

We can help to provide your school with with call recording and real-time analytics any time, anywhere with a number of benefits.

  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Tackle absenteeism
  • Streamline recruitment
  • Clear communication
  • Keeping head of the game

The Benefits of School Call Recording

Schools know it is vital to keep an open, transparent and positive relationship with parents. Call recording within your school phone system makes this easy, which is one of the many reasons schools are seeking to implement it. Call recording is simple to use and can help with everything from resolving disputes, addressing safeguarding concerns to tackling pupil absenteeism. This keeps the parents on side and increases school operational efficiency.

Looking after your students

Implementing call recording will ensure that the school has access to every inbound and outbound phone call, which is important in the area of anti-bullying and safeguarding of pupils. Every call is recorded and stored confidentially with only a selected number of the school leadership team having access.

Operational efficiency

Occasionally schools receive calls from concerned parents and they may dispute what has been said.  School Call Recording gives you access to all previous calls made or received so you can rectify the disagreement. You can monitor the frequency and length of calls with certain parents. The situation can then be diplomatically handled. Call recording also helps to resolve disputes with suppliers regarding cost or delivery issues.

Streamline recruitment processes

Schools are known to receive alot of applications in response to job advertisements. Call recording on your school telephone system allows you to add an extra layer to the recruitment process essentially providing a telephone interview that can be listened too at a later time by other key staff. The interview can be conducted and played back at a later date saving time.

Clear communication

With schools receiving more calls from parents than ever, sometimes from parents where English is not their first language, it is essential that all staff communicate clearly. A call recording system enables governors and the senior leadership team to set a best practice communications guide.

Tackle absenteeism

Every time a parent calls your school to inform them of a pupil absence, the call can be recorded and stored noting the date. Staff can build up a profile of authorised absence versus truancy across the lifespan of each pupil’s time with the school.

Get ahead of the game

By implementing call recording on your school phone system, you can monitor the frequent types of questions parents call in with. For example, the return time of a coach from a school trip. Update the school website in advance of the situation and send it via Parent Mail or texts. This reduces the number and frequency of parent calls, giving the parents confidence because the school is proactive in its communications.

School Telephone Systems(From) Per Month£35

  • Panasonic NS700 IP Telephone System
  • Includes all handsets Needed
  • Feature rich / perfect for schools
  • Full Installation and Configuration
  • Free voicemail & auto attendant
  • Easy to expand when needed
  • IP and SIP ready
  • Free maintenance for 12 Months

Ethernet Leased Lines(From) Per Month£300

  • The fastest and most Reliable Service
  • Fully Managed in the UK
  • Download Speeds from 50Mbps
  • Upload Speeds from 50Mbps
  • No Connection Charges
  • Free Managed Cisco Router
  • No Bandwidth Restriction
  • FREE Multiple Static IP Addresses
  • UK Based Support Team with 24/7 support
  • Suitable for Internet Reliant Businesses

Discover whether a Hosted Telephone System would be the best choice for your school or academy.  With a fixed monthly fee per user,free UK calls and advanced functionality such as call recording, call reporting and video conferencing, we can help you decide whether a cloud based solution is right.

Hosted Telephony has historically been deployed within businesses but with reductions in cost and improvements in internet speeds & reliability, there is now justification for smaller schools and academies to consider a cloud telephone system.

To discuss further, call Birmingham Telecom on 01675 432 111

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